Meet Jo & Beverly

Jo Cameron


An award-winning business woman, Jo is also an expert in recruitment and selection with 17 years’ experience in the industry. She has taken this expertise to develop students at the University of Sunderland in Employability in her role as Associate Lecturer she has held since 2014. She has a career spanning the UK and Australia, and was a recruiter for the New South Wales Government in Sydney.

She has spent the past 12 years in operational HR and is passionate about keeping HR Practical, Simple and Human!

Jo graduated in HRM and IT, from the University of Sunderland in 2001 and went on to study her Post Graduate Diploma in HR at the University of Northumbria. Jo is also qualified in i3 profiling.

She also runs a coworking company (Colleagues on Tap) for small business owners, freelancers and homeworkers, to remove the isolation of being a lone worker.


Jo is passionate about supporting people to develop a career that enables them to flourish.  She loves to work with young people especially those who have been written off by the education system, those in need of a career change, and people who are struggling in work because of stress and anxiety.

She loves to support small businesses and managers to keep HR practical and simple. She prides herself on ‘telling it like it is’ when working with her clients. She believes when people become slaves to policy and procedure, they lose human interaction, and relationships breakdown.

Passionate about small and micro business, Jo is an active Entrepreneur mentor, through the University of Sunderland.

Beverly Sherratt


Beverly specialises in delivering HR Projects that develop organisations.

She has over 20 years experience in HR and Organisation Development gained in public, private and not-for-profit sectors, both locally and nationally.

She has worked in a number of complex and difficult environments and has been told by clients she's

"the go to person to investigate complex cases that other consultants won't touch!"

Beverly studied her MA HRM and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) at the University of Sunderland.  Other qualifications include NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Personal Development Coaching, DISC Profiling and Training, i3 Profiling and i3 Career Direction.


Beverly is passionate about workplace well-being and mental health.  In 2010 she secured £25,000 of funding to undertake a project into The Impact of Organisation Culture on Mental Health.

This fuelled her passion to work with organisations developing their team dynamics and behaviours, building self awareness and trust within teams.  Beverly works with organisations to help them develop their employer brand, culture and behaviours to establish "the right fit" for the business.

She is passionate about burnout and the importance of providing career management early intervention for people at risk in the workplace.  Her ambition is to create the stressless organisation!

Passionate about personal development, Beverly has mentored entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurial Spark.  She also mentors Business Owners who are stuck but ready to move to the next level and take action to achieve clarity and focus.

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“Jo Cameron takes the concept of multi-tasking to another level. She’s one of life’s doers who is destined to be successful in whatever she does through her impressive work ethic, her talent to spot an opportunity, and a refreshing openness and honesty in her approach to doing business.”

Jayne Graham, Business Coach, Consultant & Founder of Colleagues on Tap

“Beverly has worked with us on a variety of projects from restructuring reports, to management development programmes, including profiling the management team in order to enhance self-awareness and improve team dynamics.  The work she did with our leaders was well received. We’ve continued our relationship with Beverly over a number of years and value her approach to complex cases and investigations. I can recommend Beverly for her expertise, professionalism, and commitment.”

Gary Saunders, Head of HR, MMO

I highly recommend Beverly's approach – and can vouch for the results gained by working with her. She has transformed my business and my client list – and been a game changer in terms of the feedback I get from the people I'm working with.

-Katherine Wildman

Haydn Gray

"Almost a year ago Jo became my mentor, and throughout she has been excellent; she's always been exceptionally encouraging and supportive, providing valuable feedback and input on ideas as well as helping me to me to see things in a different light when I struggled to do so alone. Not only this, but Jo's also facilitated some amazing opportunities for myself and my company, conducting an i3 Personality Profile for myself and my business partner; which gave us amazing, actionable insights, increasing both our self awareness and our awareness of each other which has empowered with the knowledge to progress our business and relationship. She also enabled me to attend her fantastic conference: Talking Point of Business - which I can do nothing but highly recommend, at which I met several new potential collaborators and learned a lot all while having loads of fun immersed in the friendly, welcoming business community which the North East is known for. Without Jo supporting me, and therefore my business, throughout this year, I'm confident that my journey would've been very different - and no where near as good!"

-Rob Sisson,

Virtual Tailor 

"Beverly worked with us to develop our values, develop the dynamics of our team and to provide 1:1 coaching.  Her work helped us a small team understand the importance of not only being more self-aware but also to be more aware of each other’s strengths and accepting differences when working collaboratively towards a common goal.  As a group we were able to successfully recruit & integrate a new Leader, develop our own vision and values and restructure roles & responsibilities within the team dynamics aligned to key business needs."

- Sunderland BID

“I approached Beverly when my business expanded following our decision to appoint an apprentice.  She sorted out all contracts, essential policies and created our Staff Handbook.

We came back to her again to assist with Recruitment of a new member of staff including sifting applicants,  guidelines of do’s and don’ts of interviews and securing applicants references, together with updated contracts for the new employee. 

Beverly gave us confidence to grow, taking away our HR worries, allowing us to focus on our business.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Beverly to other small companies."


Stephanie Pickering – Partner/Chartered Financial Planner

Verity Wealth Management, Washington

"Jo is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced HR professional and provided a much needed support. She not only helped me to put the correct policies and procedures in place but took the extra mile in order to achieve the best outcome possible in many aspect of my business. 
I extremely value her support and highly recommend her."

-Tunde Romsics  

Conductive Life Service

"Beverly did a wonderful job of helping me understand my personal strengths and weaknesses during a one-to-one consultation."

- Richard Tubb


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