Talking Point of Business

The North East Premier Small and Micro Business Conference, in Newcastle.

Talking Point Of Business is for Founders and Solopreneurs.  It is a conference by small business owners for small business owners.

Talking Point of Business

The Assembly Rooms

Newcastle upon Tyne

Friday 14 June 2019

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Welcome To Talking Point Of Business

Welcome to Talking Point of Business.  This is the sixth year of the conference which has grown year on year.  As your new hosts we'd like to introduce ourselves.  

Talking Point of Business

A HUGE "Hi There" from Beverly and Jo!

Come and join us on Friday 14 June 2019 for the liveliest conference you will attend all year!

Our Keynote Speakers

Talking Point of Business

Duncan Yellowlees

DY - Duncan Yellowlees

Duncan has been training performers in one form or another for over a decade; first in theatre, then science communication and now in the art of presenting and strongly believes that although all these forms are different, the skills and fundamental basis are the same. The key is connecting to your audience emotionally as well as logically.

A masters degree in science communication forged a fascination with expert to non-expert communication, how it works and what happens when it goes wrong. Since then he's thrown himself into the world of communication and presentation. He is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with others and has seen first hand how influential good speakers can be.

You can find out more at:

Kathryn Dishman-Baird

KD Communications

Kathryn Dishman-Baird is Director of KD Communications and Founder of Headliners: The PR and Digital Marketing Academy. She’s an award winning PR professional, content creator and self confessed social media geek who lives and breathes all things PR and digital marketing. At KD Communications Kathryn works with businesses like yours offering consultancy and training to help you #shareyourstory in the right way to grow your audience. That means getting exposure for your brand so you’re seen by the right people, at the right time, on the right channels.

To find out more about Kathryn and the work she does visit:

Talking Point of Business

Kevin Anderson

The Story Edge

Kevin Anderson is, The Story Edge.  He created his business to change the way organisations communicate. He teaches and inspires people to become confident storytellers. Kevin gives people the tools to sell products and services to their ideal clients. He gives them the skills to sell ideas and new ways of thinking to their team, managers and partners.

Kevin believes:

"if you use stories to communicate you can create an Edge for your organisation. You can stand out. You can outshine your competitors by communicating in the most natural way. You can educateentertain and  persuade by treating stories, as your ultimate communications asset."

You can find out more at:

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Closing Keynote

Coming Soon!

Group Masterclass

Talking Point of Business 2019

Tiana Wilson-Buys is the "Get stuff done" Business Coach and Productivity Strategist. She works with micro and small business owners to help them become more efficient and effective and ultimately grow their businesses to the next level.

She is also a Business Author of The Referral Harvester, and is currently working on her White Paper and next book, providing the findings of her most recent productivity research.  Watch this space!!

Our Masterclass Speakers

Talking Point of Business

Beverly Sherratt

LaunchPad HR Ltd.

Beverly is co-founder of LaunchPad HR Ltd.  Her passion is human behaviour and communication.  Her work focuses on developing strengths and confidence in others, removing barriers to progress.

For Beverly it's all about progressing to the next level and she gives people the skills, confidence and motivation to do just that.

Beverly has spent over 20 years working in large corporate organisations, and small businesses, developing people, teams and organisation culture and designing organisations to help them be the best they can be.  Indeed the company she worked with in 2010 gained the highest Public Sector, North East placing in the Sunday Times Best Companies Awards.

You can find out more at:

Polly Brennan

Adventurous Coaching

Put simply, Polly is a trained professional who helps promote your mental ‘wealth’ and well-being so that you can be a fully thriving individual.

She is a mental health and well-being coach, (PCC accredited/ BSC hons) with 23 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist in mental health services.

Polly has a passion for promoting personal growth, resilience and well-being. She helps people to develop an expertise in managing their ‘mental wealth’ and develop the tools to become their own coach.

Find out more at:

Talking Point of Business 2019

Aileen Smith

The Health Heroine

Aileen Smith is The Health Heroine with a mission to “help people in business invest in their health in a way which will empower them to gain more energy, clarity and body confidence in order to maximise their professional performance and to live life to the full inside and outside of their business”.

Aileen is a successful businesswoman and nutritionist.  As an owner /director of a catering and hospitality business Aileen took her business from start up to sale in a decade and in the process, realised that ‘running on empty’ took a toll on her health and love of life.  This led her to discover a passion for nutrition and functional medicine and to study nutritional therapy for 4 years at The Institute For Optimum Nutrition, London.

Find out more at:

Get Involved

You can get involved before and on the day.

Why not sponsor Talking Point of Business 2019.  You can do this in a number of ways:

You can sponsor:

  • the whole event;
  • refreshments;
  • delegate bags;
  • prizes.

Email us if you'd like to be a sponsor -

There will be prizes throughout the conference.  Get your Tweeting head on you can win for the most tweets and best selfies.  For our Star at the top of Business Boulevard you will win "The Rise of Youpreneur, Chris Ducker's book released on 20 February 18.



The Venue

Talking Point of Business
The Assembly Rooms
Talking Point of Business
The Event Room, The Assembly Rooms

Making Arrangements


By Car

The Assembly Rooms are situated in the centre of Newcastle, close to the Grainger Town area of town.

Parking is £6.00 per day in the Grainger Town Multi-Story Carpark.  There are a number of car parks close by see here for more information.

Talking Point of Business

By Train

Central Station, Newcastle is three to five minutes walk from The Assembly Rooms.  There is a good service with regular arrivals from Durham, Darlington, York, Edinburgh, Sunderland and Teesside.

Central Station is on the East Coast main line.

The Metro station is also within Central Station.

Talking Point of Business

By Air

Newcastle Airport is 7.5 miles from The Assembly Rooms.  There is a Metro Station from the Airport direct to Central Station.  

Taxis are available outside of the airport.  A taxi ride will be between 15 - 30 minutes dependant upon rush-hour traffic.

Talking Point of Business

Staying Over

You may have heard Newcastle is "The Rio of the North"!  There are a range of hotels to suit your pocket, style and comfort value.  In fact, if you want to have a lie in and roll out of bed to the venue, you can do that as Hotel Indigo is right next door!  We can't say what it's like as we've not been.

Check out budget hotels too!

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