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Helping You Progress To The Next Level

No longer Slaves to Policy & Procedure

LaunchPad HR Ltd. provide HR support and advice to businesses across the UK.  We offer Pay As You Go or retained HR services for remote or on-site support, including performance and absence management, disciplinary and grievance, recruitment and selection, HR policies and procedures.

We keep employers up to date on changes in Employment Law allowing business owners to concentrate on running their day to day business.  Find out more ...

Helping Your Business Succeed & Your People To Grow

Our programmes empower managers to lead teams with confidence and integrity, giving skills to challenge, and tools to innovate and enthuse staff development.

We develop people to be flexible, open to change, resilient, and able to communicate with confidence to adapt to change.  Find out more ...

Helping You Develop Your Employer Brand & Culture So People Fit

We love to help organisations succeed and grow through their people.

Helping you understand your workforce, build teams that succeed, recruit the right people who can develop within your culture, leaving you with the skills in house to drive your business forward.

Our USP….. We take on the culture of your organisation to deliver exactly what you need. Find out more ...

Career Planning That Develops The Standout Candidate

We know facing redundancy or needing to leave an organisation is daunting and stressful for most.  Whether staff have been employed in the same role for many years or not the prospect of needing to find alternative employment is a scary one.

Our Outplacement Support helps people identify their strengths, gain a clear view of their options and opportunities and gives them the skills to stand out to above the competition.  Find out more ...

Bringing Focus & Clarity To The Issues That Matter

Our Coaches are all qualified, either as coaches or NLP (Master) Practitioners.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!  As a business owner, a manager, or as an employee.  If you're ready to progress to the next level or to make the necessary shift to achieve success, that's exactly what you'll get working with us.  You will develop the skills to successfully improve your performance and motivation in the areas you need to, as well as identifying your strengths, building confidence and a sense of direction and focus.  Find out more ...

Knowing Yourself & Creating Great Dynamics

We use i3 in various aspects of our work, Leadership and staff development programmes, Organisation Development and Culture projects, and Coaching and Mentoring work.  i3 helps managers and teams operate and communicate more effectively, and  can determine approaches to dealing with workplace issues, and assigning roles and projects.

i3 features in our outplacement, 1:1 and career planning / direction work.  Find out more ...

Our Skills & Expertise

Our business is split into:

Research & Development - we think it's important to keep on top of change, innovation, and challenges affecting employment, people development and business, in order to develop new and bespoke solutions, together with keeping our clients ahead of the game.

Consultancy - we love solving organisation problems and empowering managers manage with confidence.  Our consultancy ranges from retained HR support packages, offering remote HR solutions, through to change management, employee engagement, HR strategy, and outplacement.

1:1 Work - we provide mentoring and coaching for CEOs through to young people seeking career direction.  Our 1:1 work includes Mentoring, Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Career Direction coaching.

Strengths & Career Direction Profiling - i3 is our tool of choice to provide strengths and career direction coaching.  We use i3 within organisations to support skills planning and to help organisations manage team dynamics, productivity, and communication.

Meet Beverly & Jo

Jo Cameron

Jo is an award winning business woman who specialises in HR and Recruitment.  She has provided HR and Recruitment support to organisations internationally.  Meet Jo ...

About Us

Beverly Sherratt

Beverly has worked in HR for over 20 years.  For the past 10 years she has specialised in organisation development, design and behaviour.  Meet Beverly ...

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